Polaris Engineering was formed in 1997 with the intent to provide small and mid-size oil and gas producers an alternative to the traditional facilities engineering project approach. Company principals Enrico N. Cappelletto, P.Eng. and David M. Curial, P.Eng. bring considerable experience from oil and gas producing companies, engineering and manufacturing and take an active role in all aspects of the project cycle. Our business is evolving, and additional markets can now be serviced by Polaris including power generation, transmission and distribution, municipal infrastructure, and produced water treatment and management. ​

From the beginning, Polaris Engineering began with a team that had significant experience delivering complex, high-value EPCM projects (over $1B). We knew we had the experience but needed to prove our capabilities in our newly formed engineering company. Since Polaris Engineering was founded in 1997, we have successfully delivered over 5,000 projects of increasing value and complexity with precision. With our recent additional partnerships, Polaris can access international markets not only in oil and gas but also high voltage power generation, transmission, distribution, produced water treating and management, renewables, energy storage, technical innovation, and agribusiness.​

Polaris Engineering is now supporting international markets by bringing Canadian EPC expertise and knowledge to other countries with growing needs for these skills and experience.

Close collaboration with the client is encouraged during all phases of the project to ensure that the lines of communication are always open and that the project objectives are met. The assigned Project Manager will follow the project from start to completion to ensure continuity and eliminate costly and time consuming recycle. ​

A diverse group of professionals constantly evaluates new techniques and technologies to create successful projects. Our innovations are clearly reflected in past projects both completed and on-going. At Polaris Engineering, we are building a framework for tomorrow`s energy.

Indigenous Engagement Policy

Polaris recognizes the significance of Indigenous rights and the importance of building relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities. To support this recognition, Polaris has established a robust Indigenous Engagement Policy.

Polaris is committed to hiring local Indigenous talent for our projects when available.
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