Technical Innovation

Polaris Engineering Ltd. Has been retained by a confidential Client to develop a Design Basis Memorandum (“DBM”), PFD, Wellsite and Central Facility Schematics, Class 5 Cost Estimate and Critical Path Schedule for a proposed Net-Zero Emissions Pilot Project in the Quebec Lowlands region of Eastern Canada. The pilot project consists of Multi-Well Padsites and a Central Gas Facility (compression, dehydration, water recycling) facility. Utilizing electric power for all the energy requirements for Drilling, Completion and Operations of the multi-well pad sites and Central Gas Facility to achieve Net-Zero Emissions. The Zero-Emission target includes, no flaring, no venting (methane), minimal site equipment (modularization) / environmental footprint, minimal social footprint, all engines throughout the Pilot Project life cycle (Drilling, Completions and Operations) will be electrically powered.