Frac Water Processing Hub, NW Alberta

Front end design of a frac water processing hub in NW Alberta designed to access fresh water by means of a river intake and routing to two water containment pits, receiving and processing both frac flowback and battery produced water (legacy and future), and providing treated frac water to multi-well padsites at a rate of 8 m3/min (11,520 m3 day).

The facility includes the following system components:
  • Inlet distribution
    • Flow balancing
    • Water re-direction (pits/tanks/processing)
  • Water storage
    • Pits, c-rings, tanks
  • Primary separation
  • Chemical treating
  • Settling and filtration
  • Water blending produced and treated water with fresh water
  • Provision of frac water
    • Frac water supply pipelines
    • Truck loading