Polaris Engineering Ltd. was formed in 1997 with the intent to provide small and mid-size oil and gas producers an alternative to the traditional facilities engineering project approach. Company principals Enrico Cappelletto and David Curial bring considerable experience from producing companies, engineering and manufacturing and take an active role in all aspects of the project cycle. ​

The demands of aggressive oil and gas producers are such that the facilities engineering component must be streamlined as much as possible in order to achieve the necessary project deliverables. As a result of these requirements, Polaris has been structured so that these objectives are always met, specifically, project timing and capital costs. ​

Close collaboration with the client is encouraged during all phases of the project to ensure that the lines of communication are always open and that the project objectives are met. Project engineers will follow the project from start to finish to ensure continuity. Numerous levels of management are eliminated with the project engineer being the sole source for all project requirements. Project purchasing, procurement and expediting are again the responsibility of the engineer which ensures continuity and eliminates costly and time consuming recycle. ​

Previously completed projects are used as templates when possible, so that any new project details can be quickly defined and initiated. These previous projects are also used as guidelines for cost estimating and capital expense budgeting